Balkan Worlds: The First and Last Europe by Traian Stoianovich

By Traian Stoianovich

Encompassing the interval from the Neolithic period to the current, this ebook reviews the peoples, societies and cultures of the realm positioned among the Adriatic Sea within the west and the Black Sea within the east, among the Alpine sector and Danube basin within the north and the Aegean Sea within the south. this isn't a standard background of the Balkans. Drawing upon archaeology, anthropology, economics, psychology and linguistics in addition to background, the writer has tried a "total heritage" that integrates as many as attainable of the avenues and different types of the Balkan adventure.

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The practiceprevailedin the nineteenthcenturyamongboth the Balkan Slavs and the Albanians, but it was very old, having been known to all the ancientMediterraneanand Indo-Europeancultures. 34 Among the Romans,Hebrews, and Greeksof antiquity, the living fire was normally createdby rubbing two pyrites. The Romansgenerallymadethe fire at the feast of the Paliliae (or Pariliae) on April 21, an occasion for confession,purification, and renewal, resemblingin many ways the later pagan-likepastoraland agricultural festival of St.

49 A vegetablethat mankindpreservedquite early was the cabbage,from which peoplemay havemadea kind of sauerkrautsimilar to the kiselo zele of the later Pln du s. 200m i ~mi /anion/anion /anion s. Ilia 14) 14 du s. Plndu Pln nd lb Pl us Pl 14 14 us . ni b 14 u lnd s. (S) Plndus . P lib nd li e IJa f 14 . a 14 14 3> 14 14 /anion /anion /anion Sea /anion lb o0 IV, Plndus. Pl nd us . lb dus . ~em. ~em. ~em. :'~\ll~~em. :'~\ll~~em. Transylvanlen Alps. Caopathlans. PlnlOflian Plain, an ancient oaa basin.

Ib la mountainayotem{folded mountains,: KEY rock structure. ~=~a an ancient oaa basin. basin. Ilia PlnlOflian Plain, an ancient oaa basin. Illb RhodcpeMountains. IIIe Anatolian Plateau. I V CentralEuropean Alps. 1 . Rock Structures and Mountain Systems and the Balkan Neolithic and Medieval Cultures 17 18 BALKAN WORLDS Bulgarians,the preparationof which may require as much as six kilograms of salt to a hundredheadof cabbage. 2 kilograms,constitutingone-thirdof the per capitavegetable consumptionin the country.

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