Ayurvedic Healing: A Comprehensive Guide by David Dr. Frawley

By David Dr. Frawley

Offers the Ayurvedic therapy of universal illnesses, protecting over 80 diverse illnesses from the typical chilly to melanoma.

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Aggravation of Humors by the Six Tastes Excess of the Tastes Each taste in excess causes certain damage, first to the humor it aggravates, then even to the humor it alleviates (if in too large amounts). For example, too much salt will initially aggravate Kapha (water) by holding more water in the tissues. An excess, however, can even aggravate Vata (air), which it alleviates in normal amounts. This causes thirst, wrinkling of the skin and falling of the hair. Each taste differs in its power to aggravate humors.

Bitter • Needed in small quantities for each humor; more for (Pitta) fire, moderate for Kapha (water), less for Vata (air). • Necessary for detoxification, but also is depleting. Astringent • Needed moderate amounts for each humor, as a secondary food taste; more for Pitta (fire), moderate for Kapha (water), less for Vata (air). • Necessary for maintaining firmness of tissues. Comparative Nutritive and Medicinal Values of Tastes In terms of nutrition, sweet is most important generally for everyone, as it possesses the highest nutritive value.

Our wrong habits are not only bad for the health problems they cause us in this life, but they also create a predisposition to such problems in future lives. We may be able to escape their immediate effecis, but they will come to us eventually. Ayurvedic Regimes and the Treatment of Disease We have seen that diseases and their treatment in Ayurveda are explained according to the biological humors. Kapha (water) constitution individuals tend towards Kapha type or variety of diseases. Pitta (fire) constitutions usually have Pitta diseases.

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