Astronomy Geometrical and Statistical Methods of Analysis of by Fomenko-Kalashnikov-Nosovsky

By Fomenko-Kalashnikov-Nosovsky

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They identified two other possible resonances between ring features and these two satellites. A series of narrow angle Voyager 2 images of the rings were taken at fixed, non-rotating positions to search for small satellites orbiting between the rings. No further satellites were found down to a detection limit of 10 km (Smith et al. 1986). 2 The rings in forward scattered light We have analysed a unique image of the rings taken in forward scattered light from behind the main ring system. The image reveals the presence of a number of narrow rings and diffuse features which were not detectable in occultations or back scattered 2000 1000- g s 40000 44000 48000 Radius (km) Figure 1.

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