Aromatherapy in Essence by Nicola Jenkins

By Nicola Jenkins

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Lemon 2 drops For stress-related eczema: peppermint 1 drop lavender 3 drops in 20 ml of bubble bath base. cedarwood 3 drops yarrow 2 drops in 20 ml of shower gel. Bubble bath Work up to a maximum of 8 drops in 20 ml of bubble bath base. Blends that are generally preferred are ones that will aid sleep, clear catarrh or ease any muscular aches and pains. For insomnia: marjoram 2 drops Roman chamomile 2 drops cypress 3 drops geranium 1 drops 48 Muscular aches and pains: in 20 ml of bubble bath base.

Apply oil over entire arm and shoulder in smooth flowing (effleurage) movements 56 2 3 Drainage to forearm – raise forearm to the vertical position, use your thumb to drain in straight lines from the wrist to the elbow.

If you have a history of unstable pregnancies (or, if this is your first pregnancy and/or there is a family history of unstable pregnancies) then I strongly recommend that you avoid putting essential oils on your skin until you are safely through your first trimester. How do you know that 2 per cent in 20 mls is eight drops of essential oil? Surely not all droppers are the same size? ) Actually, yes, a few years ago someone did take the trouble to analyse the size and shape of all the droppers currently available and to check that we really do provide the essential oils at the correct dilution.

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