Annie Montague Alexander: Naturalist and Fossil Hunter by Louise Chipley Slavicek

By Louise Chipley Slavicek

Ladies Explorers chronicles the lives of six intrepid ladies whose starvation for experience and information pressured them on paths of discovery around the globe. Their discoveries not just introduced shops of data on issues starting from historical dinosaur fossils to existence in Tibet, but in addition challenged the proven roles of ladies of their fields. The daughter of a filthy rich planter, Alexander used her inheritance to fund learn for her passion--the usual sciences. quite a few dinosaur species were named in her honor, and her legacy maintains on the collage of California at Berkeley's museum of paleontology, for which Alexander supplied cash and donated specimens.

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Annie was not seeking a means of supporting herself: her father’s substantial wealth and unfailing generosity toward his adult offspring meant that she would never have to earn her own daily bread. Yet, as she approached her mid-twenties, Annie felt that she needed some sort of regular work to fill her days and give her a sense of purpose, and nursing, along with teaching, was one of the few careers open to females in the late 1800s. To Annie’s consternation, however, studying the required medical texts soon brought on a recurrence of the severe headaches and eyestrain that had plagued her in Paris, and she was compelled to give up her dream of nursing just as she had had to relinquish her artistic ambitions.

Terrified, Annie and Samuel ducked behind a nearby tree. Inexplicably, the herd suddenly divided with several of the elephants veering off one way and the rest another. Annie and Samuel quickly raised their guns and took aim. A huge male with tusks more than four feet long crashed to the ground, mortally wounded. ” Hunting elephants for sport has been prohibited since 1977 in the former nation of British East Africa, which is Hunting for Fossils and Big Game and for trophies. Although she stalked and killed her prey with no apparent remorse, Annie prided herself on being a naturalist as well as a hunter and routinely noted the behavior and physical characteristics of the animals she pursued.

Each of the nearly 70 porters they hired would be responsible for carrying up to 65 pounds of supplies and equipment on his head (the maximum weight allowed by law). Among the items that the men would be expected to haul were guns, boxes of ammunition, tents, bandages and other medical supplies, cooking utensils, foodstuffs, an ample stock of blankets (because even in Africa, nights can be chilly at higher elevations), and three big cameras. These last items belonged to Annie, who was determined to bring plenty of photographs of the African landscape home with her along with her hunting trophies.

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