African Transnational Diasporas: Fractured Communities and by Dominic Pasura (auth.)

By Dominic Pasura (auth.)

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Hence, the emergence of a Zimbabwean population abroad with some migrants acquiring dual nationality in their countries of destination problematizes this restrictive notion of citizenship. Moreover, as Godwin (1993) has noted, the majority of whites who migrated to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) after 1965 may have retained their citizenship as the international community did not recognize Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). 32 African Transnational Diasporas However, the Citizenship of Zimbabwe Amendment Act, 2003 prohibits dual citizenship and requires a person with dual citizenship to renounce foreign citizenship to retain Zimbabwean citizenship.

They correspond to what has been referred to loosely as ‘core transnationalism’, that is, those people engaged in regular economic, political, social or cultural practices within the transnational social field. Whereas dormant diasporas are involved in intermittent activities across borders, silent diasporas are fully assimilated and integrated in hostlands and have no connection to the original homeland. What is important is that the classification serves as a conceptual tool to understand the make-up of African diasporas.

As shown in the above paragraph, Vertovec (1999) considers diasporas as a subset of transnationalism. Similarly, Tölölyan (1991, p. 5) regards diasporas as ‘the exemplary communities of the transnational moment’. As Faist (1999, p. 46) puts it, diasporas are a distinct form of transnational communities in that ‘there is a vision and remembrance of a lost or an imagined homeland still to be established, often accompanied by a refusal of the receiving society to fully recognize the cultural distinctiveness of community members who are dispersed to many diverse regions of the world’.

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