Adventures of Pip and Flinx 05, For Love Of Mother Not by Alan Dean Foster

By Alan Dean Foster

He used to be only a freckle-faced, redheaded child with eco-friendly eyes and a unusually campelling stare whilst Mather Mastiff first observed him an the auctioneer's block. 100 credit and he used to be hers.For years the outdated girl used to be his in basic terms relations. She enjoyed him, fed him, taught him every little thing she knew -- even enable him hold the lethal flying snake he referred to as Pip.Then mom Mastiff mysteriously disappeared and Flinx took Pip to tail her kidnappers. around the forests and swamps of the winged international referred to as Moth, their basically guns have been Pip's venom . . . and Flinx's strange abilities.

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The bump of curiosity—which Mother Mastiff was at such pains to warn him about—quickly overcame his natural caution. All he felt was amazement that such powerful mental projections could arise from so lowly a creature. Furthermore, there was no anger in the animal, no rudimentary danger signals. Only that persistent loneliness and the fleeting sense of hunger. The creature moved again. He could see the bright, flashing red eyes even in the alley’s faint light. Not a true reptile, he was sure. A cold-blooded creature would have been reduced to lethargy by the cool night air.

This may be our last chance to gain control and direction over a subject with such potential. ” “I am aware of the considerations and risks,” Cruachan assured them both. “I do not intend that we should try, as we did with the girl, to gain control directly. Instead, we will try to obtain control over someone who exercises control over the subject. ” Nyassa-lee turned back to her keyboard. There was a pause before she replied, “One. It appears that the subject was purchased from government control by an elderly woman.

I’ve tried. Sometimes it’s just there, a burning inside my head. ” She nodded. “That’s too bad, too bad. ” “It can be. It can also be a dangerous thing, Flinx. We must make a secret of it, your secret and mine. ” “I won’t,” he murmured, then added energetically, “I promise. ” She let out a long, rolling cackle. “Now how could I be mad with ye, boy? I’ve regained my jewelry, and you’ve gained quite a bit of respect among our neighbors. qxd 7/19/04 14:15 Page 29 FOR LOVE OF MOTHER-NOT 29 the marketplace, that can be a tradable commodity, as ye may discover someday.

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