Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry by Dorothy Bartlett

By Dorothy Bartlett

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V) Functional groups containing a halogen atom: Fig. (a) Aryl halide (X = F, Cl, Br, l); (b) alkyl halide or halogenoalkane (X = F, Cl, Br, l); (c) acid chloride. (vi) Functional groups containing sulphur: R—SH R—S—R (a) (b) Fig. (a) Thiol; (b) thioether. Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry 43 3 Organic Synthesis Reagents Mechanism Reaction Here are given two Reactions : In terms of the catalysts used, The two reactions classified. Shown the steps in the mechanism of reaction : Product in both the reactions is CH3CH2CH3.

Therefore, the full name is methyl ethanoate. (Note that there is a space between both parts of the name). Fig. Ester formation. Amides Amides are the derivatives of the carboxylic acids. In amides the carboxylic acid is linked with ammonia or an amine. Like esters, the parent carboxylic acid is identified. This is then termed an alkanamide and includes the nitrogen atom. For example, linking ethanoic acid with ammonia gives ethanamide: 32 Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry Fig. Formation of ethanamide.

Ii) Change the name to an alkanoate rather than an alkanoic acid. (iii) Identify the alcohol from which the ester was derived and consider this as an alkyl substituent. (iv) The name becomes an alkyl alkanoate. ) is derived from ethanoic acid and methanol. The ester would be an alkyl ethanoate since it is derived from ethanoic acid. The alkyl group comes from methanol and is a methyl group. Therefore, the full name is methyl ethanoate. (Note that there is a space between both parts of the name).

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