Adhesion and Bonding to Polyolefins (Rapra Review Reports) by D. M. Brewis, I. Mathieson

By D. M. Brewis, I. Mathieson

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M, the extent of the oxidation is higher for the LDPE film, whereas for above this value, the BOPP film is more oxidised. As detected by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, desorption of oxygen from the film surface occurs for both polymers during the treatment. 35 refs. ; Colorado,University Contact-angle measurements, atomic force microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy are used to characterise flame treated biaxially oriented PP films. While the surface of PP treated in a fuel-lean flame is highly oxidised, no water-soluble low-molecular-weight oxidised material is formed by the flame treatment.

Because of the wide range of formulations for a particular elastomer, it is also more difficult to generalise about pretreatments than it is with plastics. For example, it is known that some formulations of SBR are considerably easier to pretreat than others. Another important difference between olefinic plastics and olefinic elastomers is that most elastomers possess carbon-carbon double bonds whereas the plastics (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and PP) do not. With elastomers reagents which react with carbon-carbon double bonds are used whereas with plastics the pretreatments must break C-C and C-H bonds.

The peel strength had a square root dependence on contact time up to a saturation at the maximum strength. The time to achieve maximum strength was shorter for the copolymer with a more homogeneous composition, although the maximum strength was the same for all copolymers for a given test temperature. The saturation time for all copolymers was 2 orders of magnitude longer than the time for complete interdigitation of the surface chains. This was attributed to the presence of a surface layer of low molecular weight, higher branch content copolymer.

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