Acupuncture in the Treatment of Depression: A Manual for by Rosa N. Schnyer, John J. B. Allen PhD, Sabrina K. Hitt PhD,

By Rosa N. Schnyer, John J. B. Allen PhD, Sabrina K. Hitt PhD, Rachel Manber PhD, Ted J. Kaptchuk OMD, Michael E. Thase MD

This pioneering booklet unites either western and conventional chinese language medication to provide a step by step method for comparing and treating melancholy with acupuncture. utilizing research-oriented trials, it addresses basic concerns in acupuncture learn and gives instructions for the layout of acupuncture remedy stories.

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Essence determines the strength of the constitution. In women, the outward manifestation of essence is blood; in men it is semen. There are two forms of this essence: inherited essence, which is the constitutional basis acquired from our parents, and acquired essence, derived from the food and liquids we consume and the air we breathe. The natural process of living is the way in which we utilize this essence; we come to the world with a limited supply of inherited essence, our lifestyle choices determine the rate with which we use up this supply.

Some early research indicated that they are not as effective as tricyclics; however, a recent review concluded that when used with a proper diet they are an effective treatment for depression (Larsen 1991). g. Prozac and Zoloft) are a relatively new class of drugs synthesized in the early 1980s. They work by blocking the reuptake of serotonin so that increased levels remain in the synaptic cleft. They have a high Symptoms. Epidemiology, Etiology, and Treatment 29 selectivity for blocking serotonin reuptake receptors, whereas tricyclics affect to a greater extent both NE and other neurotransmitters.

Chinese Medicine Theory 43 Liver 'The Liver holds the office of General of the armed forces. ' (Su Wen, Ch. 8; cited in Larre & Rochat de la Vallee 1985, p. 34) The liver controls 'coursing and discharge', meaning that it regulates the smooth and unobstructed flow of qi and blood. The liver maintains the uninhibited and free movement of qi throughout the body in order to prevent stagnation. According to Hammer (1990), the liver is the first line of emotional defense for the entire organism; when confronted by a noxious emotional stimulus, this energy system is the organism's first choice for coping with the stressor.

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