Acarid Phylogeny and Evolution: Adaptation in Mites and by Salvatore Ragusa (auth.), Fabio Bernini, Roberto Nannelli,

By Salvatore Ragusa (auth.), Fabio Bernini, Roberto Nannelli, Giorgio Nuzzaci, Enrico de Lillo (eds.)

The phrases reported via Serge Kreiter through the assembly are evoked. they can list precisely the state of affairs of Acarology in Europe and on this planet: "I imagine that during many eu nations there are only a few complete time acarologists. it's very infrequent to have new positions to be had . . . . And public cash, from the ecu group but in addition from nationwide nations, is especially difficult to get for those who are looking to paintings on mites . . . . might acarological institutions in Europe (Eur. A. Ac. and S. I. A. L. F) interact or, larger, get married?" So, the fourth symposium of the ecu Acarologists has not just been the celebration to have an concept on which path the learn is addressed this present day, but in addition it mentioned the problems of our "scientific hranch". at the foundation of the shows and invited papers we had evidences of a "new" Acarology in keeping with glossy thoughts and strategies of investigations but additionally the significance, usually sheltered no matter if of suitable price, of the "old" Acarology made at the alpha taxonomy and simple experiences. So, a "new" Acarology wishes the "old" one. during this context, the desire to place jointly the ecu acarologists has been bobbing up. This truth, of political which means, can without doubt enhance the acarological move and the dialogue in this element confirmed in actual fact the significance of numerous different actions and efforts during this course. we are hoping that the assembly in Siena will signify a significative stone for the growth of Acarology.

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He has recently established (in 1999) the link between G~ycipha­ gus domesticus and the presence of structural anomalies which is so evident that he considers such a species as an indicator of the health status of a particular environment. There are some scientists who used to work with mites, but are no longer dealing with them. This is the case of Alfio Nucifora (932), an entomologist at the Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Fitosanitarie in the University of Catania, who was also interested in agricultural acarology especially in the control of some eriophyoids and tetranychids associated with citrus and fruit trees.

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