The ABCs of Human Survival: A Paradigm for Global by Arthur Clark

By Arthur Clark

The ABCs of Human Survival examines the impression of militant nationalism and the lawlessness of strong states at the health of people, neighborhood groups, and worldwide citizenship. in accordance with the research of worldwide occasions, Arthur Clark provides militant nationalism as a pathological development of pondering that threatens our safety, whereas emphasizing potent democracy and foreign legislations as fundamental frameworks for human protection.Within the contexts of historical past, sociology, philosophy, and spirituality, this e-book calls into query the assumptions of patron tradition and provides, instead, innovations to enhance total wellbeing and fitness during the vital offerings we make as individuals.Arthur Clark is a professor of neuropathology and scientific neurosciences on the collage of Calgary.

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The practice of medicine can be taken as a model for the practice of citizenship. 29. Awareness, support, and active engagement are three stages of responsible citizenship. Lack of time, interest, energy, and other resources for involvement in public life are real or perceived problems obstructing progress toward Option A. These problems have solutions, beginning with the simple under­ standing that awareness of the issues can itself be a powerful catalyst for change. 30. Optimism is essential; complacency is dangerous; pessimism is a waste of time.

We think of Hitler as a prime example of evil, but support for Hitler came from “good citizens” and “good soldiers” doing their duty for their country. Just like us. By far the greater part of violence that humans have inflicted on each other is not the work of criminals or the mentally deranged, but of normal, respectable citizens in the service of the collective ego. One can go so far as to say that on this planet “normal” equals insane. indd 38 03/03/10 4:49 PM Choosing the Future Democracy by definition is a form of governance in which the citizens are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their government.

That’s Option B. This book is a contribution to and not a substitute for the excellent work of others. Some of the many books from which I have benefited are included in the section on Further Reading. Lists of websites are provided in some of those books. Search engines and the Internet have changed the way books are written. indd 17 03/03/10 4:49 PM The abcs of Human Survival parts of the text to enable the reader to search for more from that source. The resources available for the practice of responsible, effective global citizenship are endless; those who engage in this practice will continue to find their own resources as their lives and experiences unfold.

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