A taxonomic review of the neotropical genus Coprophanaeus by W. D. Edmonds and J. Zidek

By W. D. Edmonds and J. Zidek

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Length 15-22 mm. Color green or yellowish green with strong golden highlights. Male (Fig. 63-65) – Head with evenly tapering long horn whose base is not abruptly swollen. Pronotum with pair of closely set, apically convergent processes near posterior margin, separated by strong concavity; disk anterior to processes with pair of conspicuous round concavities. Pronotal disk punctate posteromedially, otherwise granulorugose. Apical processes of parameres angulate. REVIEW OF COPROPHANAEUS INSECTA MUNDI 0129, July 2010 • 27 Figure 62.

A red form (Fig. 71), described as Phanaeus chabrillaci and sometimes regarded as a subspecies, occurs sporadically in the southern part of its extensive range; and a green form (Fig. 71) occurs most commonly in populations in the coastal forests of Rio de Janeiro. The bright colors of this species are associated with diurnal activity (Medina-Hernandez 2002). Concerning Phanaeus chabrillaci, we echo Harold’s (1869) sentiments, “Das typische Stück [of C. chabrillaci] ist nichts als eine schön kupfrigrothe Varietät [of C.

Chaco province (Fig. 62). Collection Records. ARGENTINA: Salta – Disto. San Martín (Mar). , Puesto Salas (Nov); Palmar de las Islas, 19o25’S 60o32’W, 270 m (Feb). PARAGUAY: Boquerón – Guachalla [Alto Río Pilcomayo] (Oct); Filadelfia (Colonia Fernheim). Chaco – Fortín Esmeralda. Comments. The brilliant coloration of this rare denizen of the Chaco is stunning. According to Pereira (1949), references by Pessôa (1935) and Pessôa and Lane (1941) to C. horus are actually to this species. Coprophanaeus (Metallophanaeus) thalassinus (Perty, 1830) Fig.

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