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For those that don’t know what rest/pause training is, here is an example. A lifter will perform a movement, let’s use the press as an example, and perform an all-out set at a given weight. After this all out set, he will take 10-15 breaths and perform the press again with the same weight, obviously for less reps, to failure. He will rack the bar, take another 10-15 breaths and do another set to failure. So a rest/pause set would look like this: 58 Press – 155x10 reps, 10-15 breaths, 4 reps, 10-15 breaths, 2 reps To make it easy: do one set for as many reps as you can, take short break, do the same weight to failure, take another rest and do one more set to failure.

I’ve also noticed that it sometimes shows a coordination weakness, too. 38 Dumbbell Incline Talking about dumbbell pressing is getting boring, so I’ll ask the million dollar question about dumbbell incline presses: at what angle should you press? 30, 45, or 60 degrees? People will argue this ad infinitum, but the correct angle is whatever incline bench you have at your gym. If you have several different ones, use them all. Also, use a slight elbow tuck when pressing and lowering the dumbbells. Barbell Incline The barbell incline press is another great assistance exercise for the bench press and the military press.

All of these exercises have helped me grow stronger in my four main lifts. Dips Figure 2: Bodyweight Dips Dips are one of the most efficient ways to build your triceps, chest and shoulders. Many people can’t do them due to shoulder problems, but I’m not one of them, and that makes me very happy. Since incorporating these into my own training, my entire upper body has gotten bigger and my triceps are much stronger, as well. I do recommend weighted dips, but not at the expense of form. I’d rather do full range bodyweight dips than half-range weighted dips.

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