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Robbie Keane MLS Bound

Robbie Keane, the pinnacle of Irish football.  Keane has just recently completed a move to MLS side the Los Angeles Galaxy.  Aged 31, he will be playing alongside former Premier League player David Beckham, and will face another famous forward of the Premier League, Thierry Henry.  Keane has performed excellent football in the English Premier League, and now he has decided that it was time to move on.  Having spent loan spells most of last season, he was becoming a “second-string” Tottenham player.  In Los Angeles, he will be regarded as the extraordinary forward he is.

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Football Rivalries : North London Derby

The North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham is definitely up there with the biggest rivalries in the country, if not Europe. Going back to before World War I, this rivalry has blossomed into what it is today. Both sets of fans waiting for this date in the Premiership fixture calendar.

The success between each team has swapped over the years. Arsenal would find themselves behind Tottenham in the pecking order with multiple European cups, FA cups and also league titles. This seemed to switch around in the late 80s and Premiership Era. Arsenal can mainly thank the man Arsene Wenger with this success, winning 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA cups, Read On..

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Has Moyes taken Everton far enough?

David Moyes has been at Goodison for nearly ten years, a good accolade considering the rate in which Premier League managers are given their marching orders these days.

He has turned Everton into a strong hard working side capable of challenging for a place in Europe each year.

In his first season he steered Everton clear of relegation and the following season he led the club to seventh, winning the manager of the year award.

Since then he also got them a place in the Champions League, but they failed to get through the qualifying round and a place in the F.A Cup final which they lost
to Chelsea.

However Everton financially have Read On..

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The competition no English clubs’ want to be in

A surprise victory saw Braga join Porto in the final of the Europa League to be held in Dublin. But how do you solve a problem like the Europa League.  Those who do not make the Champions League year-on-year can’t afford to finance a large squad to cope with the demand of the high intensity and away travel of European games.

The English clubs would prefer to focus on qualifying for the Champions League without any distractions from the Europa League. There are only a few things that can be done to appease this desire to boycott the Europa League. (i.e field weak sides to get eliminated)

If Uefa decided to match Read On..

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