Bargain: Retro – Manchester United Champions League Final Shirt

Manchester United Retro - Champions League FinalEver wish you had bought that Manchester United Champions League final shirt in 1999 to reflect on that magical night that Manchester United completed the treble?

Well. Guess what? Now you can. This replica retro shirt, is available at a snip cut cost, when you follow the link below. The material is identical to that from the fateful night at Camp Nou.  Including the embroidered stitching that states the occasion over the right breast.

“What is this? Ninety minutes on the clock and Manchester United haven’t scored. They have to score, they always score. SHERINGHAAAAAAMMMM!”

BARGAIN – Retro Manchester United Champions League Final Shirt

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MLS Rounding the Curve


The 17th annual season of the MLS is nearing it’s end. Most teams only have two games remaining and the playoffs are in sight. Only five teams from each conference will reach the MLS Cup Playoffs, so this is crunch time for many teams on the brink of qualifying, or just simply trying to hold on. We see many familiar teams on the brink of qualifying, and some not on the grand stage often.

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Bargain: Nike Strike Premier League Football – White/Orange/Obsidian

Bargain - Nike Strike Premier League BallAlong with the new Manchester City Jersey that I ordered for my son a few weeks back, I forgot to mention my other purchase. A Nike strike Premier League ball.

My son and I wanted a nice new football to kick around the park that our house looks on to. So naturally I turned to Kitbag for my sports goods. The football that I went with was the Nike Strike Premier League Football, my son was insistent on this one to emulate his favourite Manchester City superstars!

As we were in the market for a football, how on earth could I refuse from Kitbag, a website which is constantly offering reduced items.

Needless to say the football was of great quality and at half price, it kept not only my son happy, but myself too!

So far I have saved over £30 in my last 3 shops through Kitbag. Bargain.

BARGAIN – Nike Strike Premier League Football


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Bargain: Nike Blazer Mid Trainers – Filbert White

Bargain: Nike Blazer Mid Trainers (White)

Just got in the door to find my brand spanking new retro trainers come through the post as seen on Football-Rivalries.

I feel like with Nike, I can never be disappointed when it comes to footwear, whether it is for football boots or casual wear.

What drew me to this particular pair of trainers was the simple, under spoken colour with the stylish retro look about them. Nike has borrowed the current popular Converse trend with the high back of the shoe which exceeds the ankle and it looks fantastic.

The price may not stand out as a bargain to most but I often feel short changed after buying a pair of shoes,  this isn’t the case with the Nike Blazer Mid Trainers. The quality has exceeded all of my expectations, the material which feels sufficiently thick invites the impression that these shoes will be slipped on and kicked off of my feet time and time again.

If you’re considering this pair of shoes, wait no longer because they’re worth every penny!

BARGAIN – Nike Blazer Mid Trainers


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Bargain: Manchester City Jersey 2012 (Juniors)

Manchester City Jersey 2012 junior long sleevesManchester City Jersey 2012 for JuniorsI use to get really annoyed at how quickly new football shirts were released, every couple of seasons, so you can imagine the rage I now have, when my son who has recently become a Manchester City fan, much to my dissatisfaction, is adamant on having the new Manchester City Jersey of 2012 for his birthday next month.

Never the less, after checking out the new Manchester City strip in JJB sports, I was shocked to see the price tag. I must however mention, how impressed I was with the quality of material from the Jersey also the design and colours of the new strip. The club emblem/crest has become darker which goes very nicely with the sky blue.

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Preview of the Premiership Weekend

Fans across the globe rejoice as Premier League football comes back after the boredom that was International football. With 8 cracking games lined up for Saturday, football fans are spoilt for choice. The only real downer is the fact that 6 of these games kick off at the same time meaning viewers will have a hard time picking the games to watch. Continue reading

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Wayne Rooney – 10 Premier League years

Wayne Rooney has a long way to go to become the most decorative player.It has been 10 years since Wayne Rooney’s league debut goal against Arsenal. Since then he has terrorised teams all over Europe with notable performances against the likes of Fenerbahce, AC Milan, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City. While working with some of the greatest strike partners in his time with Van Nistelrooy, Solskjaer, Tevez, Ronaldo and Van Persie.

But how much more can Rooney achieve at the club he claims to want to end his career with?

To give some perspective to Rooney’s success and potential success, Ryan Giggs, the most decorated Premier League player has secured 33 club trophies and if Rooney were to match the lifespan of Giggs’ career which, isn’t beyond comprehension with the progress in sport science.

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Russian football paying stupid money

It seems like RussiHulk and Witsel have joined Zenitan football is trying to rival the Premier League, its financial power and appeal.

The similarities are that both nations play within less than desirable climates, with long cold winters.

A few of the clubs in both nations are willing to pay stupid wages and it seems our Russian friends are prepared to pay silly transfer fees too in order to secure new signings.

What is lacks is the history of the English clubs in European competitions.

Where I question the Russian clubs strategy is that they are signing what I would call second grade players that top clubs who chase Champions League and domestic league titles on an equal footing, are not willing to stump up the cash for.

This is not to say that they are not good enough but they don’t represent value for the elite clubs in Europe.

The second tier of European leagues the like the French, Portuguese and Dutch leagues are set on massively overcharging for their best players.

The Russian league is rising to this bait and paying these prices for players that the best teams didn’t feel they absolutely had to have.

What it does is makes it hard for these new Russian signings to move on to the elite clubs should they prove to be hot property.

An example of this could be Falcao who signed for Madrid for 40 million euros, he has showed his quality for the Spanish side but because of the fee Madrid paid, they will want that fee and a fee on top.

I believe this will be the same for Zenit St Petersburg’s 64 million pound pairing of Witsel 23, and Hulk 26, who may have priced themselves out of moves to better clubs.


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Malouda out in the cold

Malouda is out of the loop

According to his twitter page French footballer Florent Malouda has been banished to the youth team to train whilst playing for his current club Chelsea.

There has been no official explanation from either Malouda or Di Matteo or the club, on any potential reasons for him being exempt from the first team.

For the life of me for this to happen just days after the transfer deadline is a disaster for manager,club and player.

Di Matteo has laid down his authority but not to a big name, key player in his prime.

Malouda has been a decent performer since joining in 2007 but only enjoyed I would say about a season and a half as a consistent key performer at Chelsea.

It does pose as another weakness of twitter as he is clearly looking for attention when he cannot do anything now until January.

Why an earth would he stay all season at the club, could he join Fulham,West Ham, or QPR in January?

I think he can do a good job at several other clubs and should look to leave in January even if only to go out on loan.

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Michael Owen to Stoke City

In a move that is sure to strike fear into every Stoke City opponent this year, the club has secured the services of the tall and burly striker Michael Owen on a free transfer. Reaffirming the belief in their “hoof it as high as possible” system, the presence of Owen alongside the likes of Peter Crouch is sure to create havoc in the opposition penalty area. It is also being widely reported that Stoke are  interested in signing the legendary Emile Heskey on a long term deal. There have been news of locals gathering outside the Britannia with umbrellas in tow to catch a glimpse of their new stars. A front 3 of Heskey, Crouch and Owen supported by the skillful Cameroon Jerome and supplied by the one and only Charlie Adam is stuff dreams are made of as far as the Britannia hopefuls are concerned. Just imagine the 40 yard diagonal that Charlie Adam will land like a chocolate pie right on Crouch’s head who’l direct it to Heskey to control it on his chest and swivel 360 degrees to head it towards Owen for him to finish with a diving header. Continue reading

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