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Attacking Defence….

As a student, I know only to well just what it takes to get something done, well, let me perhaps rephrase that, I know how to summon up the strength and mental focus to get a job done, at the last minute, & , one which I have no choice but to do. I call it the student technique, one in which you only perform when you are forced & when the work needs to get done.

Man Utd kind of remind me of this student technique somewhat, particularly this season. A season in which they have fallen behind in 8 of the 12 games they have played so far. It seems Read On..

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A “BFA”, Enough Already

I read in one of yesterdays papers “Daily Mail” that there was talk of there being a “BFA” being formed. For those of you a bit confused and yet to masters the art of abbreviations, the term which is dubbed “BFA” actually stands for Black Footballers Asscoiation. Dumb founded yet? Well, I for one certainly am. To think in the 21st century we would even have enough people with the IQ of frozen yogurt to gather momentum in getting this association founded is just mind blowing to me.

I understand and fully backed the actions of Rio Ferdinand this weekend, but for some to actually suggests they start their own association Read On..

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The Beckham Rule

In MLS, the highest salary a player can be paid due to salary cap restrictions is $350,000. So, when the MLS wanted to branch out and look elsewhere outside their comfort zone for talent, nothing in the United States could entice big name players. However, when David Beckham showed interest in the Los Angeles Galaxy, the MLS tried to adjust to hasten his move over. Thus, the Designated Player Rule was created, or commonly known as the Beckham Rule.

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Do or Die For The USA

Typically, the USA does moderately well in the qualifying for the World Cup, having qualified for every World Cup since the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. However, with their last Third Round game just around the corner, their fate in qualifying is certainly in their own hands. In their last game, they play host to Guatemala who were able to equalize against USA in the 81st minute in their previous group stage match up. This game will be the last of the group stage (Third Round), with the top two teams of each group advancing to the Fourth Round, which will play itself out a year from now.

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MLS Rounding the Curve

The 17th annual season of the MLS is nearing it’s end. Most teams only have two games remaining and the playoffs are in sight. Only five teams from each conference will reach the MLS Cup Playoffs, so this is crunch time for many teams on the brink of qualifying, or just simply trying to hold on. We see many familiar teams on the brink of qualifying, and some not on the grand stage often.

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Bargain: Nike Strike Premier League Football – White/Orange/Obsidian

Along with the new Manchester City Jersey that I ordered for my son a few weeks back, I forgot to mention my other purchase. A Nike strike Premier League ball.

My son and I wanted a nice new football to kick around the park that our house looks on to. So naturally I turned to Kitbag for my sports goods. The football that I went with was the Nike Strike Premier League Football, my son was insistent on this one to emulate his favourite Manchester City superstars!

As we were in the market for a football, how on earth could I refuse from Kitbag, a website which is constantly offering reduced items.

Needless to Read On..

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Bargain: Nike Blazer Mid Trainers – Filbert White

Just got in the door to find my brand spanking new retro trainers come through the post as seen on Football-Rivalries.

I feel like with Nike, I can never be disappointed when it comes to footwear, whether it is for football boots or casual wear.

What drew me to this particular pair of trainers was the simple, under spoken colour with the stylish retro look about them. Nike has borrowed the current popular Converse trend with the high back of the shoe which exceeds the ankle and it looks fantastic.

The price may not stand out as a bargain to most but I often feel short changed after buying a pair of shoes, Read On..

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Bargain: Manchester City Jersey 2012 (Juniors)

I use to get really annoyed at how quickly new football shirts were released, every couple of seasons, so you can imagine the rage I now have, when my son who has recently become a Manchester City fan, much to my dissatisfaction, is adamant on having the new Manchester City Jersey of 2012 for his birthday next month.

Never the less, after checking out the new Manchester City strip in JJB sports, I was shocked to see the price tag. I must however mention, how impressed I was with the quality of material from the Jersey also the design and colours of the new strip. The club emblem/crest has become darker which goes Read On..

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Russian football paying stupid money

It seems like Russian football is trying to rival the Premier League, its financial power and appeal.

The similarities are that both nations play within less than desirable climates, with long cold winters.

A few of the clubs in both nations are willing to pay stupid wages and it seems our Russian friends are prepared to pay silly transfer fees too in order to secure new signings.

What is lacks is the history of the English clubs in European competitions.

Where I question the Russian clubs strategy is that they are signing what I would call second grade players that top clubs who chase Champions League and domestic league titles on an equal footing, Read On..

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Joey Barton and transfer news that have surprised me

It has been a funny transfer window. Not least with Robin Van Persie’s shock move to Manchester United. A transfer that most would have scoffed at this time 3 months ago.

Now we have the bizarre episode with QPR and Joey Barton. I think that whenever a foreign club comes in for an English player it raises a few eyebrows unless it is one like David Beckham or Michael Owen to Real Madrid. I know that Barton’s end of season behaviour was appalling, but surely the punishments handed out by QPR were undeserved, a fine was surely the just outcome without the unusually poor treatment the club followed up with, which Read On..

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