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Whats the Sexy with Chelsea….

Chelsea? Sexy? Yes, a sentence not many thought they would read, but that is what has become of Roman’s boys in blue. There is a sense of swag and perhaps tika-taka that can now be associated with this current Chelsea side. It’s simple, with Di Matteo came a sexier more aero dynamic convertible and off went the blue coach that was last seen parked inside the Nou Camp last season.

I for one remember a time when you couldn’t pay us to watch Chelsea in the Champions League group stages. Well, I suppose you could, but we would take the money and watch whichever English side was also in action on Read On..

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Kick It Out, but how far……

Again, football has been dominated by one issue in the last week or so, and indeed over the last year.

I’m not referring to the fact that a toddler’s got more chance of finishing a bowl of soup with a plastic fork than Luis Suarez has of finishing a decent chance. And No, it’s not even the question as to why the Wayne Rooney who plays for Man United seems a master class away from the one who turns out for England. Nor is it the fact that Harry Redknapp continues to make the rest of the pundits on Match of the Day look like chumps of the highest order.


No, it’s Read On..

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Jose Mourinho – Which English team will he manage once he has left Spain?

Jose Mourinho has openly said that he would welcome a return to England and manage `any club` in the Premier League when his stint in charge of Real Madrid is over. The straight talking Portuguese made some very direct comments over this stating that after Real   `England, that`s for sure`.

Mourinho also said that when in England he is Blue   a direct reference to his old team Chelsea but is a return to Stamford Bridge remotely likely? Roman Abramovich sacked the `special one` in 2007 after three years that brought a string of honours, including back to back Premiership wins.

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Preview of the Premiership Weekend

Fans across the globe rejoice as Premier League football comes back after the boredom that was International football. With 8 cracking games lined up for Saturday, football fans are spoilt for choice. The only real downer is the fact that 6 of these games kick off at the same time meaning viewers will have a hard time picking the games to watch.

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Transfer Deadline Day – follow our writers on twitter

Just one quick one, although transfer deadline day if you are lucky enough to blessed with Sky Sports News and Jim White of course is fantastic.

Why an earth is it on a friday which I am sure means that these new signings probably won’t be eligible for the weekends matches.

Here are the early stories of the final day with little confirmed and speculation still rife…

Rafael Van Der Vaart of Spurs to join Hamburg.

Fernando Llorente to join Spurs.

Daniel Sturridge loan move to Liverpool, from Chelsea.

Clint Dempsey could move to Villa, after having a bid accepted!

Michael Essien could be off to Arsenal

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What will happen this season through my rose tinted glasses

Title Winners

It is foolish and hard to look beyond Manchester City, I only feel they have weaknesses but not definite ones in defence. Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany are top class and they seem to fill in the gaps with adequate players.

The only question is can Mancini keep everyone happy because at the moment City seem to have enough attacking class to change the game, or get a winner when they really need it.


I do see United challenging but their results depend on how Vidic comes back, how De Gea deals with his second season, how Kagawa and Van Persie fit in. They are a lot of things that must Read On..

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Stats of the week from Opta Joe

“15 – Aston Villa have picked up just 15 points from 20 Premier League games in 2012. Nervous.”

Will the return of Darren Bent give Villa the platform, to go on a strong run.

“3 – Andre Villas-Boas has picked up only three wins from his last 13 Premier League matches. Return.” Without Modric and Adebayor not signed AVB has an absolute mountain to climb.

5 – Swansea City scored five goals from just six shots on target against QPR. Clinical.

“Almost too good to be true for Laudrup, can that level of consistency continue all season”

11 – Norwich have now conceded 11 goals in three away trips to Fulham in the Premier League. Read On..

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Fan Pictures from the last two seasons

Here is a random assortment of fan days out over the past couple of seasons from the bloggers at Football-Rivalries.

Tottenham Vs Fiorentina (Preseason 2010)



Taken by @official_stally


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Does Twitter have a place for footballers?

Earlier this week Samir Nasri allowed himself to be drawn into using the social networking site to transmit his disgust of the abusive chants he was hearing about himself on Saturday afternoon.

Now the biggest problem with Twitter in the lives of these celebrities is that they tweet in a split second without giving any consideration to what they are telling their fans and what the repercussions may be. This is of course what the footballer wants as it gives their followers the chance to have a glimpse through the window of what that footballer is like as a person so that you can see how down to earth they are.

On Read On..

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Robbie Keane MLS Bound

Robbie Keane, the pinnacle of Irish football.  Keane has just recently completed a move to MLS side the Los Angeles Galaxy.  Aged 31, he will be playing alongside former Premier League player David Beckham, and will face another famous forward of the Premier League, Thierry Henry.  Keane has performed excellent football in the English Premier League, and now he has decided that it was time to move on.  Having spent loan spells most of last season, he was becoming a “second-string” Tottenham player.  In Los Angeles, he will be regarded as the extraordinary forward he is.

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