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Ashley right to get some Wonga?

If you haven’t heard and some of you probably live in that kind of youtube bubble anyway, Newcastle have secured a deal to be sponsored by quick loan company Wonga.

Is this morally correct for a club of their size with stories that some of the clubs fans borrow money to be able to purchase their season tickets.

It works no differently to a normal loan company you borrow some money and you pay back the same amount and some more for the privelege.

Except in this case if you did that, if Newcastle wanted to borrow 6m and couldn’t pay it back for 12 months they’d have to pay back 250m, that Read On..

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Preview of the Premiership Weekend

Fans across the globe rejoice as Premier League football comes back after the boredom that was International football. With 8 cracking games lined up for Saturday, football fans are spoilt for choice. The only real downer is the fact that 6 of these games kick off at the same time meaning viewers will have a hard time picking the games to watch.

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Transfer Deadline Day – follow our writers on twitter

Just one quick one, although transfer deadline day if you are lucky enough to blessed with Sky Sports News and Jim White of course is fantastic.

Why an earth is it on a friday which I am sure means that these new signings probably won’t be eligible for the weekends matches.

Here are the early stories of the final day with little confirmed and speculation still rife…

Rafael Van Der Vaart of Spurs to join Hamburg.

Fernando Llorente to join Spurs.

Daniel Sturridge loan move to Liverpool, from Chelsea.

Clint Dempsey could move to Villa, after having a bid accepted!

Michael Essien could be off to Arsenal

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Michael James Owen. The story so far..

Life long Everton fan, Michael Owen had a tremendous start to his career, joining Liverpool after graduating from Lilleshall school at the tender age of just 16. His first breakthrough came   in the FA youthcup against West Ham.

In 1997 Owen made his debut against Wimbledon with his goal being nothing but a consolation in a 2-1 defeat.

The following season Owen was able to get his foot in the door as he showed himself as an opportunist in replacing the injured Robbie Fowler upfront. In Owen’s breakthrough and arguably greatest season as a footballer he equalled Chris Sutton’s 18 Premier League goals and was voted PFA young player of the Read On..

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Luck? You make your own right….

If the hallmark of champions is the ability to win even when playing badly, then surely the quality of run away champions has to be the ability to sweep aside 3 of their supposed closest rivals by a cumulative scoreline of 14-3, without even playing closest to their best. Take 5 of the season took place this weekend, and auditions didn’t quite go as well as some might have planned, but this is the premier league, since when does anything go according to plan. Just over a month in and everyone including myself already has strong opinions on who the winners and losers will be this year, but let’s back Read On..

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Owen Hargreaves YouTube channel to prove fitness

Owen Hargreaves who has been released by Manchester United this summer after his contract expired has set out to show clubs and fans his fitness.

On the 2nd of July Hargreaves’ trainer created a YouTube channel to display Hargreaves training and showing off his fitness. The videos have so far been added daily and the exercises he is performing prove the fitness and condition of his knee, which was diagnosed with chronic tendinitis in 2008. After seeing specialists in both London and Sweden Hargreaves took one last chance by jetting off to the states to visit knee surgeon Richard Steadman, where following treatment his condition appeared to be slowly improving.

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Who can solve a problem like finance in football?

You got no idea, well here’s one.

It seems that from the work of Deloitte, that many of the clubs will face tough financial decisions ahead.

As Platini has made clear, anyone who doesn’t comply will be banned from playing in Europe.

Finally at last! It seems the players own pockets will suffer.

They have to if football is going to make itself financially stable and fair.

One method would be a wage cap. We have all gone through the period where we were astonished at 30k,50k,100k and now 250k. As those fees through recent times were the top wages paid to the best players around.

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Barton to leave Newcastle

Reports suggest that Joey Barton has turned down a new deal and could be looking for a new club.

Does this bring Joey to a new low? or should we not forget his comments on BBC Radio Four which he said
most footballers are ‘knobs’.

Does it mean that he is after more money? He is believed to be very well paid at Newcastle, for what they can afford to pay.

I think he has settled down at Newcastle and lowered the regularity and impact of his wrongdoing.
After all he will always get silly red cards at least once or twice a season. That’s Joey Barton.

Barton is 28, so the maximum he could ask Read On..

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