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Kick It Out, but how far……

Again, football has been dominated by one issue in the last week or so, and indeed over the last year.

I’m not referring to the fact that a toddler’s got more chance of finishing a bowl of soup with a plastic fork than Luis Suarez has of finishing a decent chance. And No, it’s not even the question as to why the Wayne Rooney who plays for Man United seems a master class away from the one who turns out for England. Nor is it the fact that Harry Redknapp continues to make the rest of the pundits on Match of the Day look like chumps of the highest order.


No, it’s Read On..

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What a week for Rooney

A great few weeks for Wayne Rooney, he has looked very settled on the evidence of Cluj and Newcastle away in his new position and now he has been awarded the England captaincy at least for Friday.

To top of all of that him and his wife have announced that they are expecting a new child. A great turnaround for the Rooney family and one for Wayne to tell his new son that in the same week he also captained England.

It is a nice positive for Wayne, because as soon as he got injured people were again on his back and doubting whether Manchester United needed him, I think as they Read On..

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Jose Mourinho – Which English team will he manage once he has left Spain?

Jose Mourinho has openly said that he would welcome a return to England and manage `any club` in the Premier League when his stint in charge of Real Madrid is over. The straight talking Portuguese made some very direct comments over this stating that after Real   `England, that`s for sure`.

Mourinho also said that when in England he is Blue   a direct reference to his old team Chelsea but is a return to Stamford Bridge remotely likely? Roman Abramovich sacked the `special one` in 2007 after three years that brought a string of honours, including back to back Premiership wins.

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Bargain: Retro – Manchester United Champions League Final Shirt

Ever wish you had bought that Manchester United Champions League final shirt in 1999 to reflect on that magical night that Manchester United completed the treble?

Well. Guess what? Now you can. This replica retro shirt, is available at a snip cut cost, when you follow the link below. The material is identical to that from the fateful night at Camp Nou.  Including the embroidered stitching that states the occasion over the right breast.

“What is this? Ninety minutes on the clock and Manchester United haven’t scored. They have to score, they always score. SHERINGHAAAAAAMMMM!”

BARGAIN – Retro Manchester United Champions League Final Shirt

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Preview of the Premiership Weekend

Fans across the globe rejoice as Premier League football comes back after the boredom that was International football. With 8 cracking games lined up for Saturday, football fans are spoilt for choice. The only real downer is the fact that 6 of these games kick off at the same time meaning viewers will have a hard time picking the games to watch.

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Wayne Rooney – 10 Premier League years

It has been 10 years since Wayne Rooney’s league debut goal against Arsenal. Since then he has terrorised teams all over Europe with notable performances against the likes of Fenerbahce, AC Milan, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester City. While working with some of the greatest strike partners in his time with Van Nistelrooy, Solskjaer, Tevez, Ronaldo and Van Persie.

But how much more can Rooney achieve at the club he claims to want to end his career with?

To give some perspective to Rooney’s success and potential success, Ryan Giggs, the most decorated Premier League player has secured 33 club trophies and if Rooney were to match the lifespan of Giggs’ career which, Read On..

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Which nation had the poorest turn out at Football Stadiums around Europe?

I was watching Real Madrid’s win over Granada this past Sunday and just from where the camera is positioned you can always get a sense of how large the stadium is.

This got me thinking about how well stadiums across Europe fill out each week.

Here are some interesting statistics about the attendance of the biggest football stadiums around Europe.

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Was Fergie right to let them go?

Unfortunately the time comes for most of United’s players to be moved on by Ferguson to pastures new if there no longer a regular fixture in the team.

Not many of them leave with many of their best years to go and Ronaldo and Beckham may just be the only exceptions I can think of with that being the case, Ronaldo was around 25 and Beckham around 27.

So let us take a look at a few players Fergie decided to part company with and how right was he to do so..

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Transfer Deadline Day – follow our writers on twitter

Just one quick one, although transfer deadline day if you are lucky enough to blessed with Sky Sports News and Jim White of course is fantastic.

Why an earth is it on a friday which I am sure means that these new signings probably won’t be eligible for the weekends matches.

Here are the early stories of the final day with little confirmed and speculation still rife…

Rafael Van Der Vaart of Spurs to join Hamburg.

Fernando Llorente to join Spurs.

Daniel Sturridge loan move to Liverpool, from Chelsea.

Clint Dempsey could move to Villa, after having a bid accepted!

Michael Essien could be off to Arsenal

Keep up to date by following us on twitter via @FRivalries Read On..

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Complacency at Manchester United?

Manchester United’s 3-2 victory over Fulham brought back the frustrations of last season for most Red Devil fans world over. After seeing their team throw away the title last year, fans would have expected their team to have learnt their lesson. Gifting Everton a point after dominating them with just a couple of games to go remains one of the most painful memories from last year, 2 cheap goals conceded late into the game resulted in drawing a game they should have wrapped up with time to spare. The 2 dropped points that day combined with the insipid show at Wigan towards the end of the season went a long Read On..

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