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Whats the Sexy with Chelsea….

Chelsea? Sexy? Yes, a sentence not many thought they would read, but that is what has become of Roman’s boys in blue. There is a sense of swag and perhaps tika-taka that can now be associated with this current Chelsea side. It’s simple, with Di Matteo came a sexier more aero dynamic convertible and off went the blue coach that was last seen parked inside the Nou Camp last season.

I for one remember a time when you couldn’t pay us to watch Chelsea in the Champions League group stages. Well, I suppose you could, but we would take the money and watch whichever English side was also in action on Read On..

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Football Rivalries : North London Derby

The North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham is definitely up there with the biggest rivalries in the country, if not Europe. Going back to before World War I, this rivalry has blossomed into what it is today. Both sets of fans waiting for this date in the Premiership fixture calendar.

The success between each team has swapped over the years. Arsenal would find themselves behind Tottenham in the pecking order with multiple European cups, FA cups and also league titles. This seemed to switch around in the late 80s and Premiership Era. Arsenal can mainly thank the man Arsene Wenger with this success, winning 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA cups, Read On..

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Football Rivalries: Plymouth Argyle

During Plymouth Argyle’s first foray into the Championship in the 2005-06 season, the club’s closest derby game was a 180-mile round trip to Cardiff City. Hardly on a par with the fierce derbies played out by teams sharing a city, but Pilgrims fans living in the South West take what they can get. It can be tough supporting a club isolated from the major cities and larger clubs of the country, but this can make feelings and loyalties to those lonely clubs even stronger.

The fiercest rivalry Argyle share is with Exeter City. 40 miles up the A38, Exeter are the most obvious choice for main rivals Read On..

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Football Rivalries : Superclasico

This Rivalry is a special one dubbed the “Superclasico”, first contested in 1913 and located in Buenos Aires Argentina. The two strongest Argentine clubs possess 73% of the fans in Argentina between them; it has been listed as one of the most high profiled derby games of any sport around the world where the fans are more passionate than your average football team including those from Liverpool, Leeds or West Ham.

This is a rivalry where tension runs higher than any other rivalry in the world producing that unwanted by-product of violence.

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Football Rivalries: South Coast derby

Southampton v Portsmouth – FA Cup 5th Round – Pictures – Zimbio

Portsmouth vs Southampton is known as the South Coast Derby or the Hampshire derby.

The rivalry exists because of the rise in wealth of one of the cities – Portsmouth, whilst Southampton did not enjoy the same economic rise.

Before this there was no rivalry and if Southampton were playing away for example, their fans would go and watch Portsmouth.

Portsmouth have more honours than Southampton, yet the Saints have a better head-to-head record. Harry Redknapp famously left Portsmouth to join Southampton only to return to Pompey months later.

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Football Rivalries : Old Firm

The old firm is one of the feistiest rivalries in the United Kingdom without doubt.

The Scottish league which is often criticised for the fact that only Celtic and Rangers win it year on year has not been won by another side since 1984.

What’s unique about the SPL is that there is only ten teams, which means Celtic and Rangers get to play against each other in the league alone four times a year.

There is also a religious tension between the clubs. The teams are split between between roman catholic and protestant followings and Northern Ireland politics usually either Loyalist or Republican.

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Football Rivalries : El Classico

This is one of the most high profile derbies worldwide. It is often watched by hundreds of millions of people and it makes sense given the amount of professional players who dream of ending up at Barca or Real.

The rivalry is fairly unique in that it is not built on geography but is based on bitterness between the two biggest cities, richest and most successful clubs.

The two teams have been fighting each other for decades at the top with Madrid leading the head-to-head with 86 wins to Barcelona’s 83.

However Barca have 75 trophies and Madrid have one less with 74.

Many of the best players to have ever played the game Read On..

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Football Rivalries : The Merseyside derby

This rivalry stems from the working class streets of Merseyside. You can see the working class connections if you take a short walk round the housing estates that surround Anfield.

The best rivalries are born from down right jealously of each other.

The origins of the derby began however in the fact that a large number of families had both Everton and Liverpool fans in them.

Liverpool dominated English football in the 70s and 80s, whilst Everton fans had to sit back and grit their teeth.

Everton did however come on strong in the mid eighties and for a few seasons both teams were battling directly with each other for the league title.

Despite not Read On..

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Football Rivalries : Manchester derby

To begin a short series of articles about the rivalries between football clubs, I start with one that has been somewhat tame over recent years.

“United & City, joined by Geography, separated by success” is the call from the United fans who take devilish pride in draping there banners of torment at the Stretford end.

One of which though, has had to be reconsidered as of the 14th May 2011. The one I am referring to of course is the one which has a ticker going from 34 to 35 years.  A clever punch line to the joke that had, until recently been that many years since Manchester City last won a Read On..

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