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Jose Mourinho – Which English team will he manage once he has left Spain?

Jose Mourinho has openly said that he would welcome a return to England and manage `any club` in the Premier League when his stint in charge of Real Madrid is over. The straight talking Portuguese made some very direct comments over this stating that after Real   `England, that`s for sure`.

Mourinho also said that when in England he is Blue   a direct reference to his old team Chelsea but is a return to Stamford Bridge remotely likely? Roman Abramovich sacked the `special one` in 2007 after three years that brought a string of honours, including back to back Premiership wins.

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Preview of the Premiership Weekend

Fans across the globe rejoice as Premier League football comes back after the boredom that was International football. With 8 cracking games lined up for Saturday, football fans are spoilt for choice. The only real downer is the fact that 6 of these games kick off at the same time meaning viewers will have a hard time picking the games to watch.

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Was Fergie right to let them go?

Unfortunately the time comes for most of United’s players to be moved on by Ferguson to pastures new if there no longer a regular fixture in the team.

Not many of them leave with many of their best years to go and Ronaldo and Beckham may just be the only exceptions I can think of with that being the case, Ronaldo was around 25 and Beckham around 27.

So let us take a look at a few players Fergie decided to part company with and how right was he to do so..

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Transfer Deadline Day – follow our writers on twitter

Just one quick one, although transfer deadline day if you are lucky enough to blessed with Sky Sports News and Jim White of course is fantastic.

Why an earth is it on a friday which I am sure means that these new signings probably won’t be eligible for the weekends matches.

Here are the early stories of the final day with little confirmed and speculation still rife…

Rafael Van Der Vaart of Spurs to join Hamburg.

Fernando Llorente to join Spurs.

Daniel Sturridge loan move to Liverpool, from Chelsea.

Clint Dempsey could move to Villa, after having a bid accepted!

Michael Essien could be off to Arsenal

Keep up to date by following us on twitter via @FRivalries Read On..

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Should draws away from home be more respected?

The opening weekend has produced for the first time not one single home win for anyone in the Premier League. Only Manchester United were able to produce a win compared to rivals Arsenal who drew at Newcastle, whilst Chelsea managed an away point at Stoke. Liverpool also drew, at home to Sunderland.

I think it suggests that teams are in fact getting closer to the higher teams in the division. Manchester United had what were perceived was a terrible away record last season. However perhaps it just suggested how hard it is to play away from home as a big team.

The formula has always been the same when a you face Read On..

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Where do James Milner and Gareth Barry go from here?

When Manchester City found a new wealthy investors they invited other clubs to drive up their prices.

Hence big fees were paid for two influential Villa players, who had outstanding seasons at Villa Park.

Unfortunately they have failed however to stand out for City. They don’t show the kind of class that will win them games in the Champions League. They both seem very ordinary and had they been at the club before Mansour arrived, they would have been sold.

One problem with selling them now is it’s quite likely they will be inflated wages, in relation to their ability.

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Who can solve a problem like finance in football?

You got no idea, well here’s one.

It seems that from the work of Deloitte, that many of the clubs will face tough financial decisions ahead.

As Platini has made clear, anyone who doesn’t comply will be banned from playing in Europe.

Finally at last! It seems the players own pockets will suffer.

They have to if football is going to make itself financially stable and fair.

One method would be a wage cap. We have all gone through the period where we were astonished at 30k,50k,100k and now 250k. As those fees through recent times were the top wages paid to the best players around.

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What next for Daniel Sturridge?

The Man City striker took a huge gamble when he joined Chelsea, as his contract ran out. According to reports he was demanding 60k a week to stay with City. Perhaps this shows the strength and influence of agents in modern football.

If for example his father or a guardian had been his influence, then surely their advice would have been to find the right club.

As he clearly has the talent to be a professional footballer, so income shouldn’t be a problem.

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Barton to leave Newcastle

Reports suggest that Joey Barton has turned down a new deal and could be looking for a new club.

Does this bring Joey to a new low? or should we not forget his comments on BBC Radio Four which he said
most footballers are ‘knobs’.

Does it mean that he is after more money? He is believed to be very well paid at Newcastle, for what they can afford to pay.

I think he has settled down at Newcastle and lowered the regularity and impact of his wrongdoing.
After all he will always get silly red cards at least once or twice a season. That’s Joey Barton.

Barton is 28, so the maximum he could ask Read On..

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Football Rivalries : The Merseyside derby

This rivalry stems from the working class streets of Merseyside. You can see the working class connections if you take a short walk round the housing estates that surround Anfield.

The best rivalries are born from down right jealously of each other.

The origins of the derby began however in the fact that a large number of families had both Everton and Liverpool fans in them.

Liverpool dominated English football in the 70s and 80s, whilst Everton fans had to sit back and grit their teeth.

Everton did however come on strong in the mid eighties and for a few seasons both teams were battling directly with each other for the league title.

Despite not Read On..

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