A “BFA”, Enough Already

I read in one of yesterdays papers “Daily Mail” that there was talk of there being a “BFA” being formed. For those of you a bit confused and yet to masters the art of abbreviations, the term which is dubbed “BFA” actually stands for Black Footballers Asscoiation. Dumb founded yet? Well, I for one certainly am. To think in the 21st century we would even have enough people with the IQ of frozen yogurt to gather momentum in getting this association founded is just mind blowing to me.

I understand and fully backed the actions of Rio Ferdinand this weekend, but for some to actually suggests they start their own association is just plain stupidity. Now before I go any further, let me explain why I backed Rio this weekend. Yes Kick It Out supports the idea of No Racism in football, but they don’t really do much and are unable to make big decisions. The reasoning behind Rio boycotting the campaign was to highlight this as well as show that not enough is being done.

Now, back to this “BFA”, by doing that you are creating two groups, and when you do this you force people to choose. This immedietly creates division, which already defeats the objective and the point some players were trying to make this weekend. Football is for us all, and the idea that I have to open a newspaper and forced to read issues of race and problems in the game really hurts.

I would, if only for the next few weeks love to turn on the tele or turn to the back pages of the paper and see headlines that have made this beautiful game ever so great. This weekend thankfully has the oppertunity to give us that, with the Liverpool derby and Chelsea vs Man Utd games, journalists have an oppertunity to bring this beautiful game back to the forefront, for all the right reasons.

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