What a week for Rooney

A great few weeks for Wayne Rooney, he has looked very settled on the evidence of Cluj and Newcastle away in his new position and now he has been awarded the England captaincy at least for Friday.

To top of all of that him and his wife have announced that they are expecting a new child. A great turnaround for the Rooney family and one for Wayne to tell his new son that in the same week he also captained England.

It is a nice positive for Wayne, because as soon as he got injured people were again on his back and doubting whether Manchester United needed him, I think as they coughed and spluttered through many of their games. It was clear they still need their star man.

I predict we will see a fantastic display from Rooney with the captaincy stuck on his arm, but wouldn’t anyone? it’s a shame however well he does it will only be against San Marino, who we all know have a woeful record.

It is also a real shame that Ashley Cole is still a fool, you would have thought people around him would have been saying Ash don’t do anything dodgy as really he should be captaining England in these next two, to take him to 100 with the armband on his arm.

I would also like to know if Terry prompted or begged the likes of Joe Hart and Rooney to say what a miss Terry would now be with his confirmed retirement from the international scene.

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