Jose Mourinho – Which English team will he manage once he has left Spain?

Mourinho- Which English club?Jose Mourinho has openly said that he would welcome a return to England and manage `any club` in the Premier League when his stint in charge of Real Madrid is over. The straight talking Portuguese made some very direct comments over this stating that after Real   `England, that`s for sure`.

Mourinho also said that when in England he is Blue   a direct reference to his old team Chelsea but is a return to Stamford Bridge remotely likely? Roman Abramovich sacked the `special one` in 2007 after three years that brought a string of honours, including back to back Premiership wins.

Unfortunately for Mourinho, the one trophy that he couldn`t produce was the Champions League but current incumbent Roberto di Matteo has done just that. With the cup nestling in Chelsea`s trophy cabinet and a return to their best league form under di Matteo, it seems unlikely that there will be any immediate vacancy at Stamford Bridge, even if Abramovich was inclined to recall the former boss.

Managerial vacancies do transpire all the time and most are impossible to predict. We are, however expecting Sir Alex Ferguson to finally retire from his duties at Manchester United and while there are no immediate signals as to when this will happen, a second season without the Premier League title might force the directors to `offer` the Scot the chance to `move upstairs`.

In his time in England, Jose Mourinho made few friends outside of his own club but he particularly antagonised the supporters of Manchester United and of Liverpool, who he once famously gestured towards after a crucial Chelsea goal and urged them to be quiet.

Supporters of both those clubs may have mixed feelings about welcoming Mourinho into the dugout but they would accept that the Portuguese is likely to win them trophies. Manchester United in particular would covet a manager who can emulate the feats of Ferguson.

At White Hart Lane, Mourinho`s former prottgge Andre Villas-Boas has started a spell with Tottenham Hotspur and after an indifferent beginning is starting to win the fans over. If this early success doesn`t continue, Spurs could resemble Chelsea in 2004   a big club that is under achieving and that could appeal to Jose.

Everton are a similar club in that respect; a true giant of English football that want to threaten the monopoly of the current, top four sides. David Moyes is one of the longest serving managers in English football however but if Mourinho were to become available, there may be several clubs looking to ease out their current team bosses.

Arsenal and Manchester City are the other members of England`s football `elite` who may be alerted by any availability. Arsenal have enjoyed great success under Arsene Wenger but much has been made of a long, trophy-less run that Mourinho could put to an end. As for Manchester City, Roberto Mancini has delivered their first Premier League title and the Italian seems assured of a job if he can maintain that level of success.

It seems unlikely that Mourinho would opt for a club that traditionally finishes in the bottom half of the table. His talents are such that nobody would be surprised if he turned a team such as Fulham, Stoke or Aston Villa into title contenders but would he want such a challenge that could ultimately destroy this almost mythical reputation that his talents have earned?

If Mourinho is definitely heading to the Premier League then his destination could be decided by pure circumstance. Real Madrid are notorious for sacking managers and prior to his arrival, the club had used 16 team bosses in 15 years and his long term future in Spain is by no means guaranteed.

Anyone with a vacancy in the Premiership would then be front runners, although many believe that a spell at Manchester United is pre-determined. Whatever happens, Mourinho`s return would add an extra level of excitement to watching in England.

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