Ashley right to get some Wonga?

If you haven’t heard and some of you probably live in that kind of youtube bubble anyway, Newcastle have secured a deal to be sponsored by quick loan company Wonga.

Is this morally correct for a club of their size with stories that some of the clubs fans borrow money to be able to purchase their season tickets.

It works no differently to a normal loan company you borrow some money and you pay back the same amount and some more for the privelege.

Except in this case if you did that, if Newcastle wanted to borrow 6m and couldn’t pay it back for 12 months they’d have to pay back 250m, that is how harsh, unreasonable and the kind of profit margins they work with.

Is is any different to a bank or a beer company, the bank still lend out money but not at such a brutal rate and we all know how addictive and dangerous alcohol can be.

I think it shows the desperate nature of the club and its fans.

They need to borrow money upfront to fund their season ticket and the club are desperate to find a sponsor, in order to fund new contracts and new players.

If I had my way we wouldn’t allow loan companies or beer companies or fast food companies anywhere near the sponsorship of football clubs.

It’s laughable that we have things like Mcdonalds sponsoring things like the Olympics, what kind of message is that to the children of the future.

Football and a Maccies go together hand in hand? don’t think so wrong message Sepp…

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