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The problem with Match of the Day

There is no doubt that the program is an institution and a mainstay of the BBC schedule. However there are problems with highlights packages of its kind.

They often fail to represent the match and perhaps fairly described show the big brother expression of your ‘best bits’. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that and often fans don’t get to see their clubs in action and only have ‘motd’.

However it is easy to manipulate the highlights to suggest that either team was dominate the other was being dominated. When for example it could have been completely the opposite.

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Goodbye Evans

Jonny Evans latest sign of weakness may just have killed his Old Trafford career.

There is little doubt that Ferguson could have any complaints with the decision and little doubt Evans would have got the hair dryer treatment.

Fair enough Evans only played a part in conceding one goal. However he also exposed his fellow defensive partner to looking very sluggish indeed.

I have said before Rio isn’t good enough to play for England anymore. A performance like that I hope justified those claims.

Evans hasn’t put together a string of top quality performances for a long time, roughly when United held that clean sheet record.

He has shown that his lack of pace is Read On..

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Stats of the week: With Opta Joe!! Toure is the new pass master!

11 – Demba Ba has scored 11 goals in 14 Premier League starts. Demon.

” Despite a sluggish start to his Newcastle career, he seems to have found some form”

69% – England’s win percentage since 2003 without Wayne Rooney in the side, compared to 60% when he has featured. Team.

” This suggests there is a limited influence to having Wayne Rooney in the England team.”

103 – Kevin Davies has misplaced more passes than any other outfield player in the PL this season. Oops.

” Davies and Bolton have had a torrid time so far this season and stats like this only support the evidence of the league table”

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Authorities make example out of our Wayne

Once again England have been punished to make an example to everyone else. We can all admit that Rooney’s challenge was silly and sets a bad example to children across the globe.

However the strength or aggression from Rooney was mild at best, the same power and weight that Beckham had with lashed out with his foot against Diego Simone.

The defender in question will have not received any lasting damage from the kick out from Rooney and a one match ban should have been sufficient.

You could say that people have put in far more violent, nasty tackles and not even been sent off or carded.

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What should City do with Tevez?

Unfortunately for both the Premier League and Man City the Carlos Tevez affair is dragging along and once again an embarrassing public relations incident for the club.

The perceived actions of Tevez were met with nationwide disapproval from fans of the game in this country. So surely he must leave the club as soon as is possible.

City can afford to take the financial hit, there is no doubt about that. He is estimated to have cost the club roughly 25 million in transfer fee and around 25 million in wages over the course of his contract.

So they should take the hit of the majority of his wages an offer to pay Read On..

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Wayne Rooney saga continues

Allegations have surrounded Wayne Rooney’s father and uncle concerning irregular betting patterns. I may be different from others but when that flashes across the like of Sky News but in particular BBC Sport, I feel particularly disheartened.

The BBC is a financed by the license fee and yes of course it has to remain independent in its news agenda. For example if a BBC staff member has committed crimes or items of negligence, then it should be positioned on the BBC news agenda should it be deemed newsworthy.

However in the case of Wayne Rooney any English sports star we choose to reveal this kind of information and highlight it with such Read On..

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Rio just ain’t good enough anymore

Pleasingly, Fabio Capello has left Rio Ferdinand or @rioferdy5 as you might know him by nowadays, out of the England squad. I have complained enough about how I don’t think we can afford to pair two very experienced and world class in their day aged central defenders. Terry will be 31-years-old and Rio 33-years-old by the time Euro 2012 comes around, both have lost their pace and have picked up continuous injuries (especially Ferdinand) which have starting to keep them out for longer and longer.

I am praying to Fabio that he lets Rio continue his tweeting and his fine editing at his magazine, and of course playing for Manchester United Read On..

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