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Luck? You make your own right….

If the hallmark of champions is the ability to win even when playing badly, then surely the quality of run away champions has to be the ability to sweep aside 3 of their supposed closest rivals by a cumulative scoreline of 14-3, without even playing closest to their best. Take 5 of the season took place this weekend, and auditions didn’t quite go as well as some might have planned, but this is the premier league, since when does anything go according to plan. Just over a month in and everyone including myself already has strong opinions on who the winners and losers will be this year, but let’s back Read On..

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What now for Torres

Fernando Torres hardly even deserves to make the Spain squad these days. His latest outburst where he criticises fellow team mates despite him already knowing their capabilities is a strange one.

At the very least he is making a point of the lack of youthfulness in a lot of his teammates. That is without doubt a fair point but to do it in such a public manner is unacceptable.

In the media today, sportsmen get ridiculed because journalists isolate certain quotes in order to emphasise their meaning without a context.

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Two Horse Race…..You’re Having A Laugh….

As the dust settles after another exciting but yet somewhat predictable weekend of football, we learn that this game hardly has anything new to offer. Think about it, Man Utd and Man City delivered their weekly disposal of whatever apparent footballing team was lined up against them. Chelsea soldiered on to secure a gritty 2-1 away win at the mackems, and Arsenal, well, Arsenal where gifted a win by what must be said has been an in form Vava-Vorm. Liverpool, the team that apparently will pip Arsen’s side to fourth place continued to be consistently inconsistent with an impressive 1-0 away loss to Stoke.  Ok, so maybe i’m lying about Read On..

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The thrill of the qualifiers

For the most of us, we shriek at the thought of our top players from the teams we support coming back injured and missing weeks even months. That is our main priority when the qualifiers come round like they do.

In this instance they have broken up what was another intriguing season up ahead.

As you might be able to tell I am not a fan of the qualifiers at all. I think they should be abolished in favor of a league system.
It would work by separating teams into leagues based on their F.I.F.A ranking.

In there different regions the teams play a series of matches in a league system with promotion and Read On..

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Barclays Back Again….

Christ all mighty, thank goodness all that bizzle dazzle is done and over with, I honestly don’t think I would have been able to stomach another weekend without it. A week without it and I feel as if I’m beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms. You see, it’s all a waste of time this International break, and I for one have always likened it to a bottle of pop, without the fizz of course. Because we know the potential is there, but hardly are we left wanting more, in fact the exact opposite. So whats the point of all these European Qualifiers, “now before some nimwit puts his hand up and Read On..

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Opta Stats of the week with @Optajoe – Crouch the creator!!!

16/3/1983 – Average birthdate of the 5 new Arsenal signings, vs 12/1/1988 for the 23 Gunners used in the 2011-12 PL so far. Experience.

“They may or may not be panic buys but their definitely a sign of a change of approach for the manager so the fans must be pleased to a degree”

17 – Peter Crouch has provided more Premier League assists over the past 3 seasons than Carlos Tevez (16). Playmaker.

” I love Stoke’s ambition and I expect them to have a great season and the signing of Crouch shows that there no longer a Championship team playing in the Premier League”

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Are the Champions League group stages a bore for English teams

Obviously Manchester City are entering the competition for first time so the club and its fans will be excited by the prospect just like Spurs were.
City’s draw present them with a tough group and everything but a glamour tie against the likes of Real,Barca or Milan. (They do have Bayern though)

My argument is that from the mid 1990s the Champions League was really exciting in the group stages from an English point of view because the English sides were not ranked so highly.

In years gone by Manchester United could draw a group of death by drawing Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the same group.

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Oh Arsen, Quantity or Quality?

Date: 28/08/2011 Venue: Old Trafford Result: 8-2

Ask any Arsenal fan what they thought about the result, and many will turn their heads in disgust and shame. “Wenger needs to go. We are a joke. Pathetic,” are just some of the responses that result has invoked. Today in the office, a day after the transfer deadline day, a few of the boys “mainly Arsenal fans” where looking back at the game on Sunday, describing it as the worst result in Arsenals history. Well, depends on how you choose to look at it, right? Ask me what I thought about the game and I will tell you in no uncertain terms, that Read On..

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Transfer Analysis – Who went where and what I thought!

Everyone in football should wish Owen Hargreaves success at Man City, even United fans.

It is hard to begrudge a man who has been limited to minutes rather than games in the last two years.

He could be a shrewd signing if they can get 20 games out of him.

Arsenal, I would say they have done well, when you consider the shape of their squad on sunday night.

Of course they had injuries and missed key men but they needed fresh faces.

Players that have experience in the Premier League, and the addition of experienced heads from abroad is also welcome.

They badly needed experience in defence and they have that now thankfully. Sagna, Vermaelen, Read On..

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Two more years Pep then time to go!

Pep Guardiola has done a magnificent job since taking the reigns at Barcelona. He has won an astonishing 12 trophies in just over three years at the club.

To his credit he has done everything the right way. When he joined the club he got rid of several key players to the recent success of the club and also removed some regular starters from the club.

That was his way of making it his team and changing the philosophy at the club. Aside from making Barca a wonderful passing side he has also made them a really effective defensive unit.

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