Football Rivalries : Superclasico

Superclasico Derby, River Plate vs Boca JuniorsThis Rivalry is a special one dubbed the “Superclasico”, first contested in 1913 and located in Buenos Aires Argentina. The two strongest Argentine clubs possess 73% of the fans in Argentina between them; it has been listed as one of the most high profiled derby games of any sport around the world where the fans are more passionate than your average football team including those from Liverpool, Leeds or West Ham.

This is a rivalry where tension runs higher than any other rivalry in the world producing that unwanted by-product of violence.

The worst case of this was the tragic incident in 1968 at River’s El Monumental stadium where a recorded 71 fans were killed with around 150 more seriously injured following a stampede from their own fans in a higher tier of the stadium. There are different theories for who was at fault for this great disaster while many believe it to have been caused from Boca Junior fans throwing burning River Plate flags causing the riot.

The two teams have met 336 times, with Boca Juniors the team on top winning 124 of those games.

River Plate’s late hero, Angel Labruna is the player to have scored the most amount of times for either of the two clubs with an unrivalled 16 goals to his name between 1939 and 1959.

Such is the prestige of this derby game and the Boca Junior’s club itself, Carlos Tevez the most expensive player sold by Boca has hinted at a return to the Buenos Aires club, insisting he wants to be with his daughters while implying his home town has everything he desires. To add to the speculation, on the 29th May the Manchester City captain returned to Boca Juniors with a hero’s welcome while pulling on the Boca Juniors Jersy.

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