Football Rivalries : Old Firm

A typical brawl between the players.

The old firm is one of the feistiest rivalries in the United Kingdom without doubt.

The Scottish league which is often criticised for the fact that only Celtic and Rangers win it year on year has not been won by another side since 1984.

What’s unique about the SPL is that there is only ten teams, which means Celtic and Rangers get to play against each other in the league alone four times a year.

There is also a religious tension between the clubs. The teams are split between between roman catholic and protestant followings and Northern Ireland politics usually either Loyalist or Republican.

The games are often played out with heavy tackle after heavy tackle producing some very entertaining football.

In 1980 violent scenes were witnessed when fans from both teams ran onto the pitch and took part in a brawl. Soon after this alcohol was banned from being sold in the stadium.

In 1999 referee Hugh Dallas was struck by a coin and had to receive medical treatment.

Rangers lead the head-to-head record with 157 wins to Celtic’s 143.

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